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query for absent employee!!!!!!

7/12/2008 9:19:23 PM
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oliver author

good Day... i need help about my project in school about employee attendance module. I have a table tblEmployee(EmpId,Name,Dept,Position) and another table tblAttendance(EmpId,date,AmIn,AmOut,PmIn,PmOut)
I need a query that will find those employees who are absent or those employee who does not have an attendance on a specific date... urgent please thanks a lot....
I am using MS VB 6.0 so far i did was to search those employee's who have not take an attendance for a day.. my query for that is...
Select EmpId from tblEmployee not IN (select EmpId from tblAttendance where [date] =#06/06/2008#)
my problem for that is i want to know those employee's who have take a consecutive absences using two dates...
tblEmployee, tblAttendance has one to many relationship...

Here is a sample form in vb 6.0 what am i using
Searcy Options:


End Date
Filter those employee's who have taken consecutive absences and from what date it is...

Jane 7/14/2008

use advanced search for this purpose.

Join tblEmployee and tblAttendance tables on the Edit SQL query tab and check fields from tblAttendance table on the advanced search on the Choose fields tab.