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Customize the printed PDF

3/23/2023 3:26:41 PM
PHPRunner General questions
qbin author

Is there any way to customize things like margins, or add some CSS to the PDF file?
I use PHPRunner 10.91.
Thanks in advance!

admin 3/24/2023

Modify the page you are exporting to PDF (print or view) in the Page Designer. It will carry the changes made in the Page Designer to PDF.

qbin author 3/24/2023

Hello admin, and thanks for your feedback!
I made some tweaks on the edit page, but nothing appear on the PDF result.
Settings like margins, font-size, <td> size. They look good in the _print page, but the PDF.
img alt

fhumanes 4/2/2023

I just created this article that is possible I can solve your problem.