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Guide 56 - Create PDF documents easily

4/2/2023 1:56:02 PM
PHPRunner Tips and Tricks
fhumanes author

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As you know, I have created several articles telling how to create documents and reports in PDF and other formats.
In general, they are good options, but for those who do little programming in PHP, they find it very difficult to use them, especially if the aim is to get these documents in PDF format.
I hope this proposal is easier, since there are many users who, with PHPRunner's standard solution to build documents from HTML, "go crazy adjusting" the data so that the documents have a correct and, above all, controlled appearance.
Build PDF documents in a simple way (a template and fill in the gaps with variable data), to be fully integrated into PHPRunner developments.
The PDF button is in the view option (VIEW)
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If you are interested in this topic, keep reading the article at this link.