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Login page for mobile devices use listbox for username and gestury for password fields

3/21/2023 1:33:34 AM
PHPRunner General questions
1NET author

I am building a login page for staff timesheets.
Each staff member will login with a username / password
I want them to use an android tablet and replace the horrible Intuit Tsheets with this solution
On the projects login page i'd be happy if I can use a listbox (drop down) with staff names. Or even better list the staff so all they have to do is click on their name to select.
The password field can use the gestury plugin from Fernando Humanes PHPRunner Plugins Page
I cannot find a way to change the fields to the types I need as there is no [View As / Edit As] button

fhumanes 3/28/2023

Hi @1net,
I have made an example that I think is adjusted to what you were requesting.
You can access the explanation in:

1NET author 3/29/2023

Hi Fernando,
That looks good, is there a way of changing the username field to a listbox (drop down list) so its a simple click on the username and then use gestury as the password?

fhumanes 3/31/2023

Hi @1net,
With this system, you can do what you want with all the fields of the "Login" page. The problem is that authentication is much weaker if users of the system are predefined and available in a lookup.

1NET author 4/2/2023

The system i'm building is a simple staff clock on / clock off tool with no other features.
so the simpler it is the better.