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Refresh the entire screen when you delete a row inside a Tab

2/3/2023 9:35:03 AM
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m3 author

Summarized question:
I have a parent-child / master-detail screen.How do I refresh the Parent/Master screen (or the entire screen) when I delete a Child/Detail record? PHPRunner will refresh only the Child/Detail list.

Question with Context:
The Parent/Master screen has several Child/Detail in different Tabs. When I delete a row inside a Child/Detail list, there are calculations that will impact other Child/Detail lists in different Tabs. I think the easiest way to handle this is to refresh the entire screen.

I've looked at


but there is nothing for delete like


The only other alternative is to implement my own Delete button on each row... trying to avoid that.

Many thanks in advance

m3 author 2/5/2023

After tracing the JS code, I found that you can override the script. There is an empty onSuccessDeleteSelected event (not documented) and I latched on it with the following: