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add to home screen script

2/2/2023 2:10:40 AM
PHPRunner General questions
alfonso authorDevClub member

I want to run my application on android and Iphone mobiles and I would like to put a message like the one in the attached image so that an icon is added to the mobile desktop.
Any ideas?

img alt

fhumanes 2/2/2023


In my applications with Phprunner, when I wanted to give my users a message I have made it modifying the "login.php" page and explaining, in HTML, the message.

I think that in the rest of the pages, it is upset for users, more when they are working from a mobile.

This is a criterion, but any other that satisfies you is also valid,


mbintex 2/3/2023

Google for PWA (progressive web app) and try following this tip: