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How to refresh query result on List page with Custom Button event?

11/23/2022 2:47:15 AM
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irvinyip author

Hi All,

I am finding a way to refresh a query based on a text control with a custom button on List page. Multiple numbers are pasted as parameter to search a table.
Tried to search in docs but mostly not initiated by a custom button event, can't find a way to function to refresh current list page query result.

Please suggest a way to do.

Client before:

var material_nos = $('#material_nos').val();
params["material_nos"] = material_nos;


$sql = "SELECT * FROM MaterialMaster WHERE Material_No IN ('{$params["material"]}')";
$rs = DB::Query($sql);
$data = $rs->fetchAssoc()

Client After:

var message = result["material_nos"] + " !!!";

img alt

Thanks in advance!