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add days month and years date field

10/13/2021 3:53:12 PM
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luchoadmin author

Hello dear, I am trying to do a preventive maintenance system, and I want to update a task (edit) to modify the date of the next task.
I tried with a code that I found in the forum which is the following

$ values ["Date"] = date ("Y-m-d", strtotime ($ values ["Date"]. '+ 30 days'));

but then when modifying it as I need it so that the number of days is variable from an element in the same table it does not work,

$ values ["Date"] = date ("Y-m-d", strtotime ($ values ["Date"]. '+'. $ values ["Repeat"]. 'days'));

Repetition has 1, 15, 30, 180, 360 days.

Also add a value called a period that has days, months, and years. but I still do not add it since I am stuck with the days.

if you come up with an idea it will be welcome. From already thank you very much!

acpan 10/13/2021

Try enquote your string like this:

$values["Date"] = date("Y-m-d", strtotime (' " ' +$values["Date"]. '+ '. $values["Repeat"]. ' days' + ' " ') );

Alternately, you can form the $next_date as string first then apply the strtotime funciton for ease of troubleshooting: :

// Verify your date value, in case it is invalid:
echo $values["Date"]; // should be proper date format
$next_date = $values["Date"]. '+ '. $values["Repeat"]. ' days';
echo $next_date; // Sample data: 2020-10-10 +5 days
$values["Date"] = date("Y-m-d", strtotime ($next_date) ) ;

luchoadmin author 10/14/2021

hello thank you very much for answering!

I tested your code and after several tests and changes, I managed to get the following code to work,

$myDate= $values["Fecha"];
$nDays= 15;
$DateMy= strtotime ( $myDate. '+' .$nDays. 'days');
$values["Fecha"]= date('Y-m-d', $DateMy);

but when in $ nDays I add the following, $ nDays = $ values ['Repeat']; It doesn't work, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
in the mysql database I tried that the value Repeat is int and varchar. and it does not work.

$myDate= $values["Fecha"];
$nDays= $values['Repeticion'];
$DateMy= strtotime ( $myDate. '+' .$nDays. 'days');
$values["Fecha"]= date('Y-m-d', $DateMy);

thanks greetings

Myr0n 10/15/2021

maybe the value in $values['Repeticion'] is null or something different than a number if that is the case convert the value in integer like the next code

$myDate= $values["Fecha"];
$nDays= (int) $values['Repeticion'];
$DateMy= strtotime ( $myDate. '+' .$nDays. 'days');
$values["Fecha"]= date('Y-m-d', $DateMy);
acpan 10/15/2021

+1 to myrOn's suggestion. You are very close and i think the issue is with $values['Repeticion"] by taking the isolation approach suggested. Echo it out and see the monster.

luchoadmin author 10/17/2021

Hello dears,

the code worked as follows! Thank you very much and I hope it serves other forum users

$myDate= $values["Fecha"];
$medida= $values["elemento_ano"];
$nDays= $values['Repeticion'];
$DateMy= strtotime ( $myDate. '+' .$nDays. $medida);
$values["Fecha"]= date('Y-m-d', $DateMy);

$medida = years months and days

acpan 10/17/2021

Great! would appreciate if you can explain what caused the error? Can't really tell from your last message what you have done that fixed the issue with a new field, $medida= $values["elemento_ano"];

luchoadmin author 10/24/2021

Hello, sorry for the delay, I do not receive the notifications of new comments to the email, it would be good !!!
the problem was because one of the values was sometimes not enabled to edit in the list, for this reason, sometimes it worked and sometimes not !!! although sometimes I also made mistakes with the code due to my lack of experience.

thank you