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Import page won't import records

7/8/2021 10:07:20 PM
PHPRunner General questions
Craig Smith author


This was an issue I had yesterday, and I thought I would share it as it may prove frustrating to others, and it is not a faulyt of PHPRunner software.
I am running MySQL 8.0, PHP 7.4, on Red Hat Linuix 7.4

I had created my site and I was trying to import data by copy and paste, excel file and csv file. But I would receive a fatal error when importing an excel file and the copy and paste process simply said 0 records added.
Tweo things that people may not know - the directory called templates_c on the server must have full write permissions to make the import process work, which I had set previously, and so couldn't understand the problem.
Also, my server had recently been upgraded, so I was expecting better performance etc to be better than previous.

However - After a lot of trial and error and searching I found the issue - it was a permissions issue - not directly with the templates_c, but at a system level. SELinux.

I had set the permissions on the templates_c folder correctly, but, the server had been setup with SELinux=enforcing. By changing the config to SELinux=permissive, the web page could write to the templates_c directory. Copy and paste, import excel and import csv all work as expected now.

Not the most profound piece of technical feedback for you all, but a small piece of experience that may help someone.

Best regards,

admin 7/9/2021

Thank you for sharing, this can definitely save someone's day.