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Document Management template

7/2/2021 9:56:15 AM
DocManager template
jvbsoftware author

Hi everyone, I am using "Document Management template".
I want to upload a zip file in a folder so that it can be downloaded later. But it is not possible to upload a zip file. Can I set somewhere to be able to upload a zip file? Or should I use another method?


admin 7/2/2021

You need to explain it futher. What exactly happens when you upload your zip file? Do other file types work?

I assume that you set the WRITE permissions on the upload folder?

jvbsoftware author 7/2/2021

At the moment I don't use the plugin "docs" but just a standard program.

I'm using the local web server here on my PC.
I have granted full permissions to the folder "files".
I can upload all docs, png, jpg, pdf files, but when I try to upload a file for example "", the message "Upload failed" appears

admin 7/2/2021

There are a few more things to check.

  1. Does the same project work locally or on Demo Account?

  2. Maybe your PHP/Web server have restrictions on uploaded file size? Try it with a smaller zip file.

jvbsoftware author 7/3/2021

Indeed, you gave the right tip, the zip file was too big, I changed the php settings and now it works perfectly. thanks.