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A few suggestions for the Events module

7/1/2021 5:40:17 PM
Pete K author

Here are a few things that would make my life so much easier when coing in the Events area:

  • Intellisense and syntax checking for server-side code, similar to the existing support for JavaScript
  • A global search (searches all user code across the project)
  • The ability to save and reuse custom code snippets, like the existing Actions button. Ideally, extending this existing functionality by simply allowing us to add our own custom actions would be ideal.

I appreaciate all the vast improvements to Runner over the last few years, but the coding seems to be getting ignored. Developing great apps still requires a great deal of coding, even with all the point-and-click simplicity of ASPRunner.NET/PHPRunner.

admin 7/1/2021

Thank you for suggestions!

I just wanted to say that we already have 'Find in all events' functionality. See the screen below.

img alt

Pete K author 7/2/2021