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Search no longer possible with AES 256?

6/9/2021 5:48:26 AM
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Andreas G. author

New project, 256 bit encryption and the search no longer works, no data records are found.

The same project with AES128 encryption works.

Databases are completely encrypted,
Each user can only see and edit their own entries

Is there anything else to consider on the server side?

admin 6/9/2021

It should work the same way with both encryption methods. Not sure what else we can do without seeing the project and data.

Andreas G. author 6/9/2021

I will post a demo in the days

Andreas G. author 6/11/2021

Just a demo to describe the problem
2 databases have also been used.
Search and Found OK

Search and find only works if the exact character string is entered.

with 128bit a letter or a number is enough and results are displayed.
With 256bit I have to enter the exact value as a search

Example name = Peter
128bit finds values with p,, PET, er, ter Ter, etc.
256bit only find the data record after entering Peter.
peter, pet, pe, etc does not work

The same project is only encrypted once with 128 bit and once with 256 bit
It doesn't matter whether the domain is called with or without SSL

admin 6/11/2021

We cannot troubleshoot it on your website. You need to post it to Demo Account and contact support directly supplying all the info.

Andreas G. author 6/13/2021

Although the Enterprise version, the mail support expired after 90 days ...
There is no point in publishing it on a demo account

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Andreas G. author 6/28/2021