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Modify Order By on Report 1/8/2021
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MikeM author

Good afternoon,
I have created a report that returns a count total of entries created per user per location by week. The report groups the entries by week. Generic version of the query used:

SELECT allCount, Dates, Office, CreatedBy FROM sqlTable order by Dates DESC, CreatedBy, Office

When I specify Dates as the Data Series Group Field, it returns the records as order by Dates ASC. When I turned on troubleshooting to view the query used on the page, I can see why:

SELECT allCount, Dates, Office, CreatedBy, Dates AS [grp0] FROM sqlTable ORDER BY [grp0] ASC, 2 DESC, 4 ASC, 3 ASC

Is there a way to specify that it sort the Group Field in DESC instead of ASC? Or update the query during the After table initialized event?