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Add a data item to graph not in sql table

2/27/2020 8:47:52 AM
ASPRunnerPro General questions
rstackhouse author

I am tracking disk space by users. One table has the mounts, and another has users with with files on that disk. (liked by an ID on mounts table indexed by user data)
I get a pie chart of the users and it shows up well with the internal graph functions. However if the users are only using 50% of the disk the graph still shows them using 100%.
This is because the pie chart is ploting a user over sum-of-all-users which is a logical default for the graph.
THe mounts table has the amount of free disk.
Seems like the logical method is if I could poke a user "FREE" and the amount of free into the graphable data without changing any of the DB tables.
Thanks in advance.