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Query Designer WHERE Clause

10/19/2010 3:38:17 PM
PHPRunner General questions
DouglasB author

OK, I'm pretty sure someone has answered this question before and I'm not asking the fourm search the right question so can't find the answer. Someone point me in the right direction please.
So I have this database in phpRunner 5.2. What I'm trying to do is create a Custom View that displays all the data from a table BUT the View's query needs users input.
SELECT, bid_main.agency_name, bid_main.sysnopsis, bid_main.bid_date, bid_main.contact_name, bid_main.contact_phone, bid_main.contact_email, bid_main.meeting_date, bid_main.meeting_location, bid_main.value_of_procurement, bid_main.reference_number, bid_main.notes, bid_main.User_ID, bid_main.Plans, bid_main.attachments, bid_main.bid_entered, bid_main.Archive_dte, bid_main.DLA

FROM bid_main

WHERE (((bid_main.agency_name)=[Agency Name]) AND ((bid_main.Archive_dte)>Date()));
In the WHERE clause I'm trying to create a user select combo box. So when the user picks the VIEW he is ask to select an Agency Name from the drop down list that is bound to bid_main.agency_name. He would then be presented with the Custom View of all bids posted only by that agency.
Am I making any sense?

Sergey Kornilov 10/20/2010

If I get it right you can direct user to Advanced Search page first to select an Agency Name.

DouglasB author 10/20/2010

That was too easy. Thanks Sergey you always can see what I miss.