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 Calendar template released

11/14/2007 1:20:47 PM
Calendar Template general questions

Live demo:

Use admin/admin to login or login as quest for readonly access.
Update: March 4, 2008

Fixed MySQL 4.1 issue.
Update: December 21, 2007

  • added documentation (Calendar documentation.doc)
  • fixed yearly view
    Update: December 4, 2007
  • fixed several minor issues
  • added yearly view
  • added quick jump to another month/year
  • "More ..." link on monthly view if you have more than 5 events per day
  • delete events right from monthly/weekly views
  • global settings - event time interval
  • added minicalendar sample code (
    Update: Novermber 26, 2007
  • international settings works properly now (month, days of week names)
  • calendar template is tolerant to visual editor modifications now
    November 14, 2007
    We released the first version of Calendar template. If you purchase the Shopping Cart Template earlier you can download this one for free (use the same username/password)


    You can get Calendar, Shopping Cart and Members templates for $99:
  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily views
  • Recurrent events, whole days events
  • Colored event categories
  • Nice UI, draggable shadowed windows, add/edit events without leaving the list page
    Features planned for the release:
  • Outlook calendar export/import
    You need to create a new project using the Calendar template and add your own tables there.

    In the next version of ASPRunnerPro/PHPRunner you'll be able to add this template to any existing project.
    Your feedback is appreciated.

cagleyleslie 11/14/2007

I like the new calendar template a lot! One suggestion... make it easier to jump to another month or year. For example, when you first go to the calendar... you see November 2007. What if you want to see November 2008? It looks like the only way is to click on 'next' 12 times.
Looks great though. I am REALLY excited about perhaps getting to import/export data to Microsoft Outlook!!

mauro 11/15/2007

Whic password i can use to download calendar ?

it's free? if no i can buy only calendar or only in bundle with shopping cart?

dwilliams 11/15/2007

Hi there,
Calendar template look very good. Is there a feature, current or planned, to check or prevent duplicate events? i.e. we have a booking system and would not want the same resource to be bookable at the same time on a given day by the end user(s). A sort of 'check availability' feature. Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance,

laonian 11/15/2007

I like it very much. Tested on the demo and found 2 problems.

  1. cann't re-order the events. If you add an event that is earlier than existing ones, you want to order them by time.
  2. The recurrent function does not work on the demo (maybe this is not a full functional version?). At least I don't see additions of the same event to other days after I select the recurrent date frames.

tobeseuser 11/16/2007

When is this planned to ship? Is there any possibilty to get a demo release?


nanohex 11/17/2007

The template looks great, I do belive the price tag of $199 for a year updates is high.

If you had charged $199 for access to a members area for unlimted years of updates

and allowed other memebrs to upload there templates then I would consider paying.
Great work <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

admin 11/18/2007

Guys, thank you for the feedback!
$199 is the price for Templates pack plus one year support. Updates are free for one year.
it's released already. You can purchase it now.
please send an email to explaining how these bugs can be reproduced.
you can use a BeforeAdd event to check for duplicates.
this template needs to be purchased for $99. Consider the shopping cart template as a free bonus.
thank you, will add a way to jump to another year.

dlangham 11/23/2007

Would it be possible to have a yearly view option?

tobeseuser 11/26/2007

Hi, I wondered when it was going to be released as a part of the standard product. Do you have to buy the template now to be able to get that upgrade or is that included if you have bought a license recently?
Best Regards


admin 11/26/2007

could point me to such an example?
calendar and shopping cart templates are sold separately. You can have both for $99. We plan to add more templates to this pack later.

dlangham 11/27/2007


could point me to such an example?

Something like this would be great.

admin 11/27/2007

thank you, makes sense.

Anapolis 2/24/2014

As of Calendar template released Updated March 4, 2008
this page says that the Updates planned were to be able to Export an ICS format file for Outlook.

These are very commonly in use for Outlook, Google calendar, etc.
I just bought the Calendar plugin in the past week of February 2014.
6 years later this is not a feature yet.
Can you give us a code patch into the Events files that will add this ICS Calendar export?