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Details Page Ignores which List to Use

12/2/2023 1:15:37 AM
PHPRunner General questions
WisTex author

I have added a details view on the edit and view pages, but it seems to ignore the setting where I tell it which list to use. I want it to use list3, and it always uses list instead.

As you can see in the picture, I have selected list3, but when you build it, it always uses list instead.

img alt

PHPRunner 10.91
Windows 11

cristi 12/2/2023

Is list3 set as default list for that details view?
What kind of permissions do you use?

img alt

WisTex author 12/2/2023

I have tried it both ways. With list3 as the default and as list3 not as the default.

I have not set any permissions other than you can only see the pages when logged in.

WisTex author 12/2/2023

I am not sure what happened, but I saved my work and closed PHPRunner. When I went back to that page, PHPRunner had not saved the setting where I said to use list3. It said list. So PHPRunner was not saving it.

But this time, when I changed it to list3 and built it, it worked.

So I am not sure why it would not save the first time, but closing PHPRunner and restarting it seemed to fix the problem.