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Using 2 instances of Resource Calendar

6/7/2023 11:24:20 AM
Calendar Template general questions
Ard author

I have this template runnign for some time with no issues, works as it should.
I use it to record annual leave requests for staff. Category is work area, resources are StaffName and the rest works as it should
However i created a new project for a different set of Staff
I set it up the same but the project has a different name and teh login, audit tables etc are separate.

My problem is when i try and open both of them in the same browser only 1 will work !
The one that displays the calendar view first will 'take over' and the other one will not dispaly any data
If i try and display the calander i get an error

Technical information
Error type 256
Error description Unknown column '' in 'where clause'
Error file C:\wamp64\www\Testserver\Intranet\V_109\StaffLeave_Day\output\connections\Connection.php
Error line 668
SQL query SELECT ID, username, password, email, fullname, groupid, active, ext_security_id FROM daystaffleave_users WHERE ( ( ( ``='admin1' ) ) ) limit 0, 1

Any one have any idea what is happening here ?


alghanim 6/7/2023
where username ='admin1'
Ard author 6/8/2023


Thanks for response. Yes the Where is the error returned but it appears to be communicating with the other Application as the user names switch between applications when you login to the other one.
I am using 2 separate data schemas in my sql and 2 separate projects in phprunner however they appear to be behaving as 1.....

The WHERE ( ( ( ``='admin1' ) ) ) limit 0, 1 refers to the LOGIN name and in this case the login was admin1