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save photo's from Android Camera to it's local disk + sync that in background to SAAS storage

6/7/2023 8:46:49 AM
PHPRunner General questions
isedwinr author

I'm currently working with PHPrunner for a room inspection and maintenance app, which utilizes a 4G connection on Android tablets.
The inspectors often traverse large buildings with intermittent reception, leading to problems with bandwidth and connection stability.
The main issue arises when taking a picture directly from the File/Image control in PHPrunner using the tablet's camera.
The process of uploading images, typically over 2MB in size, is not only time-consuming but also susceptible to transmission interruptions due to the lengthy duration required.
Is there a method to capture the image via PHPrunner, save it to the tablet's LOCAL file system, and then sync that folder in the background with Google Drive?
<em>(The syncing could possibly be done with the Google Drive app or a similar app like GoodSync.)</em>
I hope someone can help.
P.S. I've tried adjusting the image size on the Android tablet's settings, but this doesn't seem to work well for this application.
P.S.2 I considered resizing the image before uploading as a potential solution, but the HTML5 solutions I've found online, among others, are too complex for a low-coder like me.

isedwinr author 7/24/2023

Unfortunately no suggestions so I close this question