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Application wizard for end users

6/5/2023 10:32:23 PM
PHPRunner General questions
Craigbert authorDevClub member

Hi All,

is there a way or an example of building a custom wizard that the end users can choose to invoke?
For example, suppose there was a particular workflow where the user HAD to follow a particular set of steps and I wanted to guide them thru it, like paying a vendor.



mbintex 6/6/2023

Yes, I have several of "assistant" like screens in my main Saas solution. They offer step-by-step guides with documentation in custom buttons linking to the respective parts of the solution.

Technically these pages are built as view pages with a lot of html snippets.

img alt

Craigbert authorDevClub member 6/6/2023

Thanks @mbintex, this is very helpful and has given me a few ideas!

Have a great day!