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Add Record count to Welcome Page

4/15/2023 3:39:18 PM
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asawyer13 author

I am using this code to add record counts to the main menu.
if($menuItem->getLinkType() == 'Internal') { global $tables_data; $table=$menuItem->getTable(); include_once(getabspath("include/".$table."_settings.php")); $ps = new ProjectSettings($table); $table= $ps->getOriginalTableName(); $rs=DB::Query("select count(*) as c from " . AddTableWrappers($table)); $data = $rs->fetchAssoc(); $menuItem->setTitle($menuItem->getTitle() . " (". $data["c"] . ")"); } return true;This works great, but I would like to do the same thing to the Welcome Page.
Can't figure out how to do that.