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Field not showing in Edit view

3/30/2023 8:43:42 PM
PHPRunner General questions
Jarrod author

I have a field that I can see in PHPRunner and drop in my page. I can see the field in View, Print, etc but for some reason not in Edit. The field is there. I drag it around and build but it doesn't show up. I've tried changing it to checkbox, text, image upload, but nothing makes it show up. I looked at inspector because I thought maybe it had a hidden attribute for some reason but it's not there. Tried a DB sync. Tried a program restart. Nope.
Anyone else seen this? I'm at a loss for how to get this field to show up in Edit. Here's some images. 1 showing it in the list. 1 showing it in view. 1 showing it not in Edit for some reason.
img alt
img alt
img alt

fhumanes 3/31/2023

So that we can approach your problem, you should indicate the Phprunner version and if the Build is possible.
I occur to me as soon as you have set the size of the sections and hence the problem.

Jarrod author 3/31/2023

I'm in 10.91 Build 40769 x64. Nothing in size or Custom CSS that I see. I'm really stumped here.
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admin 3/31/2023

Really hard to tell what might be wrong. Maybe you have a code in events that hides this field?
In either case, the best option is to upload your project to Demo Account and to contact support directly.