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Hide field IF IS empty in multi row list page

3/27/2023 9:50:53 AM
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Hide field IF IS empty in multi row list page
In my project I have put a list page with grid-type advanced 2 columns in which each record is displayed on multiple lines.
I tried setting the "hide if empty" flag but nothing happens.
I tried putting event in in "after record is processed" and also in "before display"
inserting the following code:
if (!$data["date_repl"]){
} else {
The result is that the field and its contents are displayed on all rows, even where the condition is applied.
I also tried in "javascript onload event" with the following code:
var ctrldaterepl = Runner.getControl(pageid, 'date_repl');
if(ctrldaterepl.getValue() == ''){
result field always visible on all lines.
From what I understand it is only a problem on the list page with multi row grids as they work on a normal list page.
Can anyone help me? Thank you.