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Onedrive for Business

3/10/2023 12:32:01 AM
PHPRunner General questions
JeffDeveloper author

Has anyone here ever managed to get Onedrive for Business working on their application?
I have spoken to both Sergey and Microsoft, but there seems to be something that I must be missing.
The instructions on the link says to get the cid parameter:
According to Microsoft's latest reply:
As per checking with our internal team to confirm that I'll be providing an accurate answer to your questions on where we can get the CID of your OneDrive for Business, our internal team confirmed that there is no CID available for OneDrive for Business and I really can understand that it is a requirement on the 3rd party tool that you're using it's just that, it is not compatible for OneDrive for Business as it required information that is not present on the system, but as per our discussion with our internal team they've suggested to refer you to the ODB forums as you might get any alternatives to resolve your concerns without the CID.
So, was anyone clever enough to figure out how it works or should I just throw in the hat and get Onedrive Personal that has the cid parameter.