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March 29, 2022. PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET 10.7 maintenance maintenance release

3/29/2022 5:15:04 PM
ASPRunner/PHPRunner change log

March 29, 2022. PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET 10.7 release
build 38947

Fixed in this build:

  • fixed full name display in Login with AD;
  • SQL View, Generate PHP/C# code now supports multiple database connections;
  • fixed adding fields to Users table, dropped NOT NULL attribute;
  • two factor authentication set up didn't show correct messages in multilanguage projects;
  • added error reporting on deleting records;
  • afterInlineAdd event didn't fire after 'Copy in popup';
  • grid click actions didn't work after inline add;
  • fixed number rounding in crosstab reports;
  • printer-friendly page ignored Where tabs selection;
  • import from Excel5 files didn't work with PHP8;

Customers who purchased less than twelve months ago can download this update via the control panel. Proceed to 'My purchases' and check 'Reg info' link next to your latest purchase.

Customers who purchased more than twelve months ago can renew their maintenance using links below:

PHPRunner maintenance

ASPRunner.NET maintenance

ASPRunnerPro maintenance

The whole list of features in version 10.7:

dageci 3/30/2022

For multilanguage apps there is a problem or a bug. In some languages not all translations exist and then if this translation doesn't exist it displays an empty string. It should be, if the translation doesn't exist (the string is empty) it should fallback to the english langue. Because if PHPRunner ads some new features or we add new language to our apps in some parts of the application you don't know what it is. For example in login screen if I use Croatian language it displays blanks and the users doesn't know what it needs to do.
It would be better to show english and we can translate it with time.

This is in Croatian where it misses any descriptions:

img alt

Here is the english version:

img alt