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Changing Confirmation Message when Delete Button clicked on List

10/18/2021 10:48:32 AM
ASPRunner.NET General questions
ccvvcc author

Dear everyone,

Do you have any idea onhow to change Confirmation Message when Delete Button clicked on List Page?

For example: I woould like to write "Be carefull!.. This operation can not be undone."

I would like to change it on some Tables, not globally.

I tried Before record deleted event on List Page but it didn't help.
MVCFunctions.EchoToOutput("Your message here");

I also tried Javascript on Load event on List Page:
$( "#delete_selected1" ).on( "click", function() {
alert("my message");

Any help will be very appreciated.

I use 10.6 Build 37620 x64

Thanks a lot.

admin 10/18/2021

We do not have a built-in functionality that would allow you to customize this message just for some tables. Your best bet is addyour own Delete button and display your own custom message.

ccvvcc author 10/18/2021

Thank you so much form prompt reply. Ok I will do as you recommended.

Just for curiosity, is there a way to change it on ALL Tables i.e Globally?

admin 10/18/2021

If you need to change this for all tables/pages you can apply your changes to C:\Program Files\ASPRunnerNET10.6\lang\English.lng file.