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October 15, 2021. PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET 10.6 maintenance release

10/15/2021 8:57:10 PM
ASPRunner/PHPRunner change log

October 15, 2021. PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET 10.6 release
build 38040

In this update:

  • lookup wizard - WHERE expression. Turned back on support for PHP/C# code expressions;
  • fixed 2factor setup problems on the userinfo page;
  • after successful login event wasn't called in some scenarios with 2factor authentication;
  • remind password page ignored Case-insensitive username option;
  • improved Dynamic permissions -> Add administrator option. Added support for new security providers;
  • page designer - change item id, added validation;
  • fixed Add Chart feature for SQL and REST views;
  • .NET - added option to remove debug info, helps building very big projects;
  • added support for newest SQL Server drivers;
  • fixed Copy Field Order feature in reports;
  • fixed export to PDF problems when Column reorder feature is on;
  • improved Spreadsheet mode usability with text fields;
  • fixed cell align issues on the Welocme page;
  • page background can now be added to every page in the Designer;
  • added support for Boolean functions in SQL Server;
  • users table must be included into the project. Added protection against removing it accidentally;
  • performance impovement for project with many elements in the menu;
  • DB API - fixed handling of empty values;
  • after successful login event wasn't called with automatic login into AD;
  • added support for arrays in SQL variables. department in (':session.departments') translates into department in ('sales', 'IT');
  • AD login could go into infinite loop in some setups;
  • webreports didn't work with SQL Server with some server settings;
  • fixed drag&drop of multiple elements on the menu page;
  • updated QRCode plugin, you can specify width and height or QR code now.

Customers who purchased less than twelve months ago can download this update via the control panel.

Customers who purchased more than twelve months ago can renew their maintenance using links below:

PHPRunner maintenance

ASPRunner.NET maintenance

ASPRunnerPro maintenance

The whole list of features in version 10.6: