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Filter on the list page

10/14/2021 2:50:59 AM
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jacques author


I have a listpage with a filter with five fields.
Now it is the case that if you choose a value for a field, the list is updated. Every time again.

Does anyone have experience with an option that allows you to first select a value for multiple fields (not the option multiple values for one field) and only then update the list by, for example, clicking a button?

admin 10/14/2021

The idea of the filter is to apply the changes immediately. What you are describing is basically a search panel so this is what you need to use.

jacques author 10/14/2021

Thank you for your answer.

I know the possibilities of the search panel.
I asked the question because the layout of the filter is more in line with the client's wishes.
I will continue to experiment.