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10/14/2021 2:45:57 AM
PHPRunner General questions
ipoey author

Why is it that every file that I upload to the server always gets an error when I want to display it. And every time the file is downloaded the size is always 1kb

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Tandy 10/14/2021

Not much to go off to help you out here.

You will have to look at your image field. How do you have the view set up. Do you have it pointing to the right place? Do you have the place you are uploading to, Permissions set right?
You are not helping yourself for anyone here to try and help you.

admin 10/14/2021

Make sure that upload folder name is correct and that it has write permissions assigned.

ipoey author 10/15/2021

can you help me, where is the permission settings for the folder?
for information, I use the files folder and I put it on the local server

fhumanes 10/17/2021

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Hello there:

Phprunner, when you upload files 2 operations:

  • Collect the information of the file and gurated its characteristics in a field of the database.
  • Renomb the file and move it to the directory that you have indicated.

In your case is doing the first operation and not the second because it has problems finding the directory or does not have permissions in that directory to move the file.

On the screen I have uploaded, the directory that will be used is indicated, by default, use "Files".