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Date interval in report

10/13/2021 12:14:38 PM
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houseofit author


I have this report where I sum on a price field for different dates.

Se attached pictures.

How do I make it so the user can type in a date interval before running the report, where only the dates selected are used ?

img alt

img alt

Hope anybody can help me on this :-)


AlphaBase 10/13/2021

It's pretty simple. Use the "Advanced Search" and select the "Between" search parameter and select your dates.
Not sure if you can hide the report before doing a search. Someone else may know.

houseofit author 10/13/2021

But the problem is that you can only do that AFTER the report is generated for the first time. using all the records it takes VERY LONG time to generate.

admin 10/14/2021

Instead of sending user to the report page initially, send them directly to the Advanced Seach page.

AlphaBase 10/15/2021

That's a great suggestion - and simple solution. I forgot to mention that Search properties has the option "Hide data until search", which I was using. But going to the search page first is even better.

houseofit author 10/24/2021

I will try that and report back. thanks...