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The best solution to create PDF documents and reports

10/11/2021 5:56:37 PM
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fhumanes author

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As indicated by the title, I think the best solution (free) to create documents and reports in PDF format is Jasper Report Server.

This solution consists of 2 parts:

  • A very powerful tool to design reports, test them and adjust them called Jasper Studio.
  • A reports platform (Jasper Report Server) that is developed in Java and that is excellent.

Payment, the Jasper Server solution (manufacturer Tibco / Jaspersoft) has a multitude of features being a complete BI (Business Intelligence) platform., in case you want to review these features.

What in this article I propose is a 100% PHP solution and is the replacement of the reports platform (developed in Java) by the Jasperphp solution

So, we will continue using the Jasper Studio reports design tool and we will use Jasperphp's library (100% PHP).


Have a 100% PHP and Free solution, to create documents and reports in PDF, for developments made in Phprunner.


If you are interested in the subject and you want to access the explanation and the example code, you continue to read the article in this link.

Tandy 10/11/2021

Is there a place to read it in english?

aadham 10/11/2021

I've used Google Translate to read the linked article and it looks good.

fhumanes author 10/17/2021

The example has been expanded to include example report of:

  • Dynamic table.- Very useful for information of the teacher type-> Detail, when you want to show the detail information as a table.
  • Suberport Linked.- For how it is solved, it is difficult for me to see the advantages of this solution with respect to that of tables or other formats, but it is something that other users request and give it great importance. The current implementation is powerful but it requires you to make enough tests until you adjust the desired presentation.

In addition, a series of "secrets" will be provided that will help you understand the operation and above all, will explain how situations are resolved that is very likely that if not, many tests require you.

The article that explains this solution remains updated with the changes, as well as with the examples. Access him to see the last update.