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Remember me not working (displaying) with Two factor authentication

10/4/2021 7:32:54 PM
PHPRunner General questions
Rdbr author


If I check the option "Use Two-factor authentication", the Remember me checkbox does not appear in the Login form.

Also, the "Remember this machine" checkbox does not appear either.

The fields are ok on design page.

Analyzing the form code, the checkboxes are inserted, but both with the data-hidden attribute (image attached).

Do I need to do any more configuration to fix this or It's a bug ?

img alt

Rdbr author 10/7/2021

I am using PHPRunner 10.6

Tedy 10/8/2021

Do you have any changes made to the login page?
If you have changes you need to reset the login page in the Editor -> login -> Reset page (top left)

Rdbr author 10/15/2021

Hi Tedy,

I have no changes on the login page.

The issue only occurs If I check the option "Use Two-factor authentication".

For non 2FA login, the Remember me checkbox appears and works normaly.

Rdbr author 11/12/2021

Any idea ?

admin 11/12/2021

If this issue is still happening in the latest build of PHPRunner you need to upload your project to Demo Account and contact support directly. There is no other way to trobuleshoot the issue like this.