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Sep 29, 2021. PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET 10.6 maintenance release

9/29/2021 3:49:05 PM
ASPRunner/PHPRunner change log

September 29, 2021. PHPRunner, ASPRunner.NET 10.6 release
build 37938

In this update:

  • fixed PDF + RTL language issues;
  • fixed .NET application performance issues;
  • View settings were not applied to Readonly fields when Autofill was used;
  • new option - when field reordering is enabled, you can now choose whether apply that order on Print page or not;
  • fixed minor PHP8 compatibility issues;
  • fixed multilinked dependent dropdowns, when 4 and more dependent dropdowns are linked to each other;
  • fixed crash on Edit SQL query dialog;
  • fixed field type and NULL value handling in DB API Insert and Update;
  • added special chanarcter support to 'Connect using PHP';
  • fixed Copy routine in details preview;
  • fixed MS Access - Create new database option hen creating business-template based project;
  • fixed Active Directory - adding groups to database;
  • confirm_password control disappeared from Register page after modifying users table SQL;
  • improved error reporting when logging in with AD or security plugin;
  • fixed dynamic permissions for SQL and REST views;

Customers who purchased less than twelve months ago can download this update via the control panel.

Customers who purchased more than twelve months ago can renew their maintenance using links below:

PHPRunner maintenance

ASPRunner.NET maintenance

ASPRunnerPro maintenance

The whole list of features in version 10.6: