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Scan QRCode

9/15/2021 4:16:41 AM
PHPRunner General questions
Danny8 author

Is there a way for PHPRunner to scan QRCode using webcam or web browser on mobile device camera?


Mark Kramer 10/11/2021

What I have done in the past is use an input field either for data entry or use a search field. I use and apt called "Niko Barcode keyboard" for Android but I'm sure there are others for Apple as well.
I have also used wireless barcode scanners which are great for the freedom of no cables . . The main thing is to decide whether you want a "cr" (carriage reteurn) or not. This will either go to next field or not resptively. It is pretty straight forward.

Dalkeith 10/12/2021

See plugin 2 -

Have a look at plugins here specifically plugin2. The QR code is linked to a field and can store anything including links to urls..

If you wanted someone to be taken to a particular record in a phprunner application you could store a link to that record in the QR code field.

The plugin generates the QR code and when anyone's phone camera looks at it - a user will be given the chance to go to the url

You can reference a primary key of a record in a phprunner application with a url with a pattern similar to the following (not real record)

In this instance 1022 being the primary key of the record in the table displayed in formname_view.
I just did a google and a QR code can store a string up to 7000 characters long so provided you have set your field large enough and any url is longer than that you should be able to link to anything..

I tried linking to the actual plugin but I don't think fhumanes has set the field quite large enough to store the original link..

But below is a link to my website.

img alt

and here is a link to fhumanes website generated by his own plugin!

img alt