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Dialog API Autofill

8/30/2021 6:10:52 PM
PHPRunner General questions
david22585 author

I couldn't find any code examples, but is there is an option to autofill using dialog API? For example, I want to email a document, but I want to be able to select a client from a list from the DB and retrieve their email address automatically, or have the option to type another email address in.


admin 8/30/2021

There is no such an option. Autofill retrives data from the database while Dialog API is a purely Javscript solution. Use a regular Add page for this purpose.

david22585 author 8/30/2021

I appreciate it. I thought so, but wasn't sure and just wanted to double check. What I was doing was the email current page to pdf ( with the button on the print page after filtering data or selecting certain records. The filter would be by the contractor, and then it would email the contractor open jobs.

I may try to get the contractors ID from the print page on page load, and then set that ID as a param that gets passed to the javascript on the dialog API.