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Add Search to Top of Page in Mobile View

8/30/2021 3:43:47 PM
PHPRunner General questions
justmelat author

HI All:

In mobile view, the search is just too small. I would like to add a search field to the top of the page, just above the top navbar, then with css or jquery, I will hide the original one that is currently within the top navbar.

How can I add another search field to the top
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HJB 8/31/2021

1st, make the current "simple search" to be displayed only under DESKTOP mode, next make a COPY
of very same "simple search" button and set it to be only displayed under MOBILE mode. Finally check
"Custom CSS" button and insert for example width: 360px or any else wished width.

On CSS codes in general please make good use of the URL content below.

CSS Tricks - Almanac - WIDTH

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justmelat author 8/31/2021

Amazing - thank you so much!!!