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Multiple Menus

8/29/2021 8:23:45 PM
PHPRunner General questions
AlphaBase author

You can create more than one menu. But how do you use more than one menu? It seems like you can only use the default (i.e. first) menu in the menu list. Is there a way?

mbintex 8/30/2021

I place two menus in the sidebar - one for desktop only and one for mobile only. Works nicely.

HJB 8/30/2021

Redirect to another page (or menu1.php, menu2.php and so on)

...simpliest method is to insert a BUTTON inside whatsoever page and to make good use of the a.m. URL content.

AlphaBase author 8/30/2021

Okay, thanks HJB. That makes sense. I'll have to try it.

HJB 8/30/2021

Inserting a button redirecting to another page

To make a button redirect to another page, insert:

//********** Redirect to another page ************
header("Location: menu1.php");
admin 8/30/2021

In Page Designer, while on the List page, select "main menu" item, click "Create copy". It will create the second copy of the menu. Select the new menu item and change what menu to display there under settings on the right side.

img alt

AlphaBase author 8/30/2021

Not sure about why I should copy the menu item?

But changing the menu selection as Admin suggests does the trick.

Thanks very much!

admin 8/30/2021

Because your question was "But how do you use more than one menu?", which sounds like "how to use more than one menu on the same page".

I see now that you just needed to replace one menu with another.

AlphaBase author 8/31/2021

Oh, I see. You can have multiple menus at the same time on the same page. Very interesting. But, yeah. I wanted to be able to have two separate menus in ther same system, and I see that you can. Anyway, I think this technique should be included in the Help docs -

Thanks again.