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INSPIRUNNER - Question on Geo-Coding respectively "Allow - Deny" IP functionality (if available)

8/29/2021 8:14:39 PM
PHPRunner General questions
HJB author

As GERMANY (among others by GDP laws) compares to be a true hell for web application sales right now
once you don't be a part of FAANG service providers at all, I needed to warm up a very old project of mine
which I never ramped up, until now, because of more and globally oriented acceptance of crypto tokens as
a funding method. While I'm still needing to run at least a 3rd, 4th and 5th reading on a "MUST" present, i.e.
namely WHITE PAPER as seen below, I would need to collect personal data of total 49,000 recipients via
PHPRunner v10.6 generated code that way, only the location or even better, only the IP address at location
can access the collection of data oriented web application.

Does the CONTROL PANEL under INSPIRUNNER allow to make such settings, say, to only allow traffic from
a certain region/location or even better, to run "Allow - Deny" of IP addresses (as I learned about on APACHE
server administrations of mine many years ago).

Many thanks for short reply.

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HJB author 8/30/2021

... I had been dismissing the subject in favor of my own USB security key solution. Say, user
plugs the USB key into the PC, the relevant PHP login code verifies the external key inside the
USB stick under a loop of thirty times (experts say that 5 to 6 loops can be regarded to be
secure) and opens the access to the web application by then. Further it seems that I can even
IONCUBE or SOURCEGUARDIAN the security key oriented lPHP login code including the
web application to form one "ioncubed or sourceguardianed" PHP project which finally would
mean: No concurrent login possible at all and no chance to brute force or else method the
login page for phishing of login credentials. Sure, numerous 2FA solutions could be a way out,
yet in fact I would feel more comfortable with a unreadable security code within an external USB
stick (EEPROM) as my own solution, simply because working with users in countries with a low
moral (if any at all) is requiring extra-ordinary security measures, especially when it comes to
interactive where "money talks".

acpan 8/30/2021

Good that that you figure out a solution for your own problem. BTW, SOURCEGUARDIAN, likewise IONCUBE, have got nothing to do with credential authentication. It just encrypts the PHP source codes and does not protect end users. The logistic and costs to send the 49K USB keys just for data collection of 49K 'low or no moral' strangers, would be interesting, they likely more interested to save money than CO2. So I do see an absolute need for cypto based funding. That said, and perhaps, they won't be able to afford a PC, so suggest to throw in a PC as a bundle, so that they can fill up the form to collect their precious but low moral data. First step probably, is to find a creative method to get their home addresses in overaeas and ship the highly secured bundle to them. Good luck to your project!