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Guide 24 - Electronic Commerce

8/28/2021 5:50:59 PM
PHPRunner Tips and Tricks
fhumanes author

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This example had proposed it a long time ago, specifically when I published how we could change the design of the List page to use panels.

I am aware that in order to have a complete electronic commerce system, you still have a lot to you for example, but it can be a startup template for those who start in this activity.


The example must have a store manager system to be able to acquire the products and incorporate them into catalogs and availabilities and also must have an open system to the public for the consultation of all products and the realization of customers' requests that previously they have registered.

Thus, the "solution" consists of 2 examples.

All information and all sources codes to download are available on my portal.

For any questions, contact through my email:

fhumanes author 8/29/2021

Images of the public application:

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HJB 8/29/2021

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... a clickable link with variables inside to get "phprunnered" in order to launch a payment via PayPal ..., enjoy!

P.S. Variables in sequence from left to right: 22, Fernando Wine,, 1, USD

acpan 8/30/2021

Great! been waiting for your follow up after the last tutorial about the card layout. There are a lot of inspiration there to discover from you. Thanks a alot!