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REST connection in PHPrunner

8/27/2021 8:27:42 AM
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bvleer author


I want to have a button on my page that does a post to a certain URL. I have the correct JSON body to do this, which is working fine in SoapUI.

How do I implement this in client before/ server / client after? Does anyone have an example?


HJB 8/27/2021

Send json post using php - (view CURL coding for inspiration)

I understand that you want to click a BUTTON to send JSON code
to a certain URL, so, above linked content for inspiration purposes only ...

fhumanes 8/28/2021


I published in the forum and I have the examples on my portal, how to publish REST services and how to consume them without using Phprunner's functionality but within a Phprunner project.

Check this URL in case you solve your question.


HJB 8/31/2021

Vehicle Images API
Lookup beautiful photos of vehicles from their year, make and model.
You can even specify the color you're looking for and if you want the
background to be transparent.
Can truly spice up your gained API experiences on cars by far.

P.S. Used car market Germany - Price differences based on car colour

Orange +9.8%
Yellow +9.3%
Silver -25.2%
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Green -14%
Red -11.7%
Blue -11%
Pink -29.9%

fhumanes 9/1/2021

Hello @HJB

I do not understand many of your messages and in particular this one.

If you consider that the example I have made to explain to the developers who start in the APIs, it can be improved, I think that I get it that you do it and share the result on the rest of the members of the forum.

If you just want to put a link to a website and it has no relationship with the example, there is no problem.

As I told you, many of your messages do not understand them.