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Using checkbox type in popup dialogue

8/25/2021 6:53:33 PM
PHPRunner General questions
chandoshi author

Has anyone tried to use a checkbox as type in a popup dialogue as indicated in documentation. It does not work for me.
I only get 1 checkbox with name as selection. See attached.
img alt

return Runner.Dialog( {
title: 'Preferences',
header: 'Answer a few questions

bottom: 'And thank you for visiting!',
fields: [{
name: 'Car',
type: 'checkbox',
required: true,
horizontal: true,

ok: 'Save',
cancel: 'Cancel'


HJB 8/25/2021

Navigation: Using PHPRunner > Page Designer > "Edit as" settings Formatting options. Lookup wizard

Suggesting to make good use of "checkbox list" option (plus horizontal layout, if wished) as seen within
the screenshot under above URL content. Proper display under POPUP window not tested by me, yet
think, it should work.

chandoshi author 8/26/2021

I was hoping to use multiselect with the checkbox.

AlphaBase 8/27/2021

You can do it with a radio button. But it only seems to work with the controls[n].getStringValue(). The controls[n].val() doesn't seem to work. I did report this as a bug a long time ago, but never got a response.