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AD - Username Name Changed

8/25/2021 4:44:45 PM
PHPRunner General questions
copper21 author


Just updated to the latest build, 37699. When I now log in, it shows the login/username and not the name of the person logged in like it used to. For example, I would login with username 123456 in the upper right my name from AD would show as Smith,Brian. Now when I log in, it shows 123456.

This isn't a big deal, but wanted to know if I could pull the name from AD again vs showing the username. I am connected to AD only and am not using a DB table for this purpose. I see there was a security change for AD in this build, guessing that is the reason?

Thanks in advance for your help.

HJB 8/25/2021

DESIGNER section inside PHPRunner, click on upper right "username" button to be
able to view "username properties". As you can see within the screenshot below, one
can alter the "label" inside the username properties to anything else wished.

img alt

copper21 author 8/25/2021


Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I did see that in designer, but I am not sure on what to change it to in order to pull the name (such as first and last name) from AD. Right now it just shows the username (123456), and I want it to pull the name inputed in to AD for that username. So 123456 is the username associated with Brian Smith.

HJB 8/25/2021

Navigation: Using PHPRunner > Security Active Directory

It is my understanding from the above URL content that username modification is possible under "Security - Active Directory".

Maybe, it could help to remove your username and to simply add a new username, showing of what your are looking for.