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../include/button_separator.js?3538_1629722157 not found

8/24/2021 7:17:56 AM
PHPRunner General questions
smez author

Using the latest phpr 10.6 build 37666 I get a couple of pages where javascript is not working.

Chrome console (windows 10) says:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

and "button_separator.js" is not present in my output folder.

Any ideas for fixing this?

HJB 8/24/2021

Due to the number of various web browsers and even different versions within a browser make
no developer team is able to maintain a 100% browser compatibility on all known web browsers,
simply by limited workforce as such works are a herculean task.
Hence there are third parties whose task is to increase the browser compatibility by e.g. Java
Script code, providing nodes for developers to take care that e.g. buttons and separators and
else are properly displayed. PHPRunner developers announced some three day ago that a
PHPRunner update is to come out in around a week, so, at least me is expecting that such
announced update shall make the "button-separator" to become a thing of the past.

So, some patience is required here until the announced update is available to get downloaded.

P.S. As EDGE is using CHROME derivate since a few months and owns around 2% world market
share versus roughly 70% of the most used browser, it is self-explanatory that update works on an
only 2% market share issue are differing to works works done on higher market shares.

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smez author 8/25/2021

This problem is still created using latest PHPR 10.6 build 37699.

smez author 8/25/2021

OK - figured this out:

PHPR was trying to load the javascript for a custom button that I had previously created but since deleted.

I therefore created a new custom button with the same name as the previously deleted button ("selector") and now javascript works properly on the list page.