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Search Panel ON by Default

8/2/2021 3:01:36 PM
PHPRunner General questions
justmelat author

HI All

I saw a few questions regarding the search panel, but did not see and ON by default Q/A.

In my application, i want the search panel to always show. To be ON in the left panel by default. I was thinking there would/should/could be a setting to control that.

How an I accomplish this?

Thank you in advance.

HJB 8/2/2021

Choose fields screen - 3rd screenshot refers (Show on Filter Panel)

... proceed to TABLES section inside PHPRunner, click on "Search and Filter settings" appearing upper left and tick the
checkboxes seen under "Show on filter panel" on the right side in relation to those fields you want see to be ON by default.

justmelat author 8/3/2021

That is it exactly! Thanks so much!!!!