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setFieldValue help

7/30/2021 1:43:49 PM
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b.emanuele author

Hi, how could I add a multiple filter value using the setFieldValue API ?
I've a table, in list page "Before SQL Query" event I added a custom filter based on user login:

This will filter my production orders based on some work area code:
for eg. I added this string to where clause, and it works just fine:
"[PORL_LastOpTypeNo] IN ('000101','000102','000103','000701')" to add the same clause to the prod. orders shown in the search panel on the left?
If I read the user guide I'm able to set only one work area at time:

$srchObj = SearchClause::getSearchObject($table);
if(!$srchObj->searchStarted() ) {
$srchObj->setFieldValue("PORL_LastOpTypeNo", "000101");
//... others areas ??

Thank you