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PHPRunner Not Saving Changes

7/26/2021 8:49:42 PM
PHPRunner General questions
CecilP author


I have some weird stuff that happens

  • make changes on the designer page, save, upload. I go to the site and it's not there. Return to PHPRUNNER, the changes have undone themself
  • Draft a page in designer, it returns later
  • Registration form keeps changing (usually deleting fields and I have to recreate)
  • Additional list pages autocreating. List1, List2, List3

Is there a setting I need to change? Is this is a system imcompatibility?

I have 48core AMD Ryzen and 64GB of RAM.

Any advice will be appreciated.


HJB 7/27/2021

Very difficult to give an answer. Missing manually page refresh (F5-key), saving the project under another name, yet loading the
the elder one instead, usage of third party FTP rather than built-in incremental FTP upload feature by PHPRunner. Who knows
what else could go wrong and might lead to unsatisfying results.

Fact remains, it's NOT a bug in PHPRunner at all as it works at numerous ends without any problem at all. Generally, it is good
to provide the PHPRunner version build number in use as the product is constantly under care and updates.

On changes of registration form, I can't reproduce it all, yet there is chance to change PPHPRunner's source code to get out of
jam, yet it would mean to take high care on things like.

On additional list pages, please view the screenhot below:

img alt

fhumanes 7/27/2021


I have encountered problems similar when working at the same time with other code editors, how Microsoft Visual Studio Code have an active version manager as a subversion.



CecilP author 7/27/2021


Is there is a setting to lock a page? I work modularly generallty. I like to finish a small chunk and forget about it. Locking a page and moving on would be very helpful.

Thanks for the help. I will check other software Im using to try and work out whats causing this.


CecilP author 7/27/2021

I've never used Phprunners built in database maker. I still design my databases on PHPMYADMIN, set advanced permissions etc. Would that affect the PHPrunner experience?

HJB 7/28/2021

Working with PHPRunner projects

I strongly recommend to run through the content of the above URL to better understand what options
you have to save or export a project (incl. database or not, incl. styles, layouts et cetera) to be finally
able to adopt that one which is coming nearest to your working style.

Inside the URL you are finding as well:


  • After you enabled the Lock pages modified in Editor automatically option, all the pages you modify
    manually become locked, so they can't be modified automatically. You can still modify the locked
    pages manually

  • The Revision history limit option defines the number of page revisions to be saved in the Editor.

HJB 7/28/2021

On PHPRunner's Built-in Database Fields Creator and the question whether or not it may affect versus usage
of PHPMyAdmin is difficult to get answered. Fact remains, under "Time is Money" law and the fact, PHPRunner
is designed to provide automatically generated code before a certain web appliance design, the developers
have always to somehow compromise between "What is really neeeded ..." and "What is that special ..." it is
worth to get it implemented. To use all features inside PHPRunner, say, the database field creator, the design
& production section and finally the built-in FTP functionality had been fine-tuned that way, I won't be willing to
use any third party tools at all, in contrary, under "Time is Money" aspects, to only use ONE tool to solve and
manage everything around your projects is a time-saving issue anyway. I personally only make use the PHP
connection script to develop appliances direct on the remote server (or say, web server) rather than to twist
with differences in regard to configurations between localhost and remote server, resulting in problems that
on localhost it all works, yet after upload to the remote server, it doesn't. That saves me a lot of headache,
time to invest to run troubleshooting and best, when using the built-in FTP and its incremental upload feature,
I'm most delighted to see things like: I load the project, I do my changes, I click BUILD and UPLOAD and
BINGO..., within one minute or so after I did my changes, things are up-to-date within the web.

The general problem for programmers like you I think is on how far you are willing to accept that software
that writes applications in record time to be somehow faster than you as a manual coder. That's why I'm
not really astonished to see e.g. a former IBM programmer in South Africa to harp on Youtube videos on
regular basis on how much he likes PHPRunner's features after he came in touch within it around two years
ago, however, these days, PHPRunner is much more than it was, thanks to REST API implementation, just
to name one added networking issue and so, it is definitely a "Ready for the future ..." masterpiece of code.

acpan 7/28/2021

Only time i encounter something similar is while working on a phprunner project, i.e. opened in PHPRunner, i used an external editor to edit and removed some files from the src folder, it became unpredictable when generated the project.

i did this because i needed to edit the file in JSON format and editing this format is not supported in PHPRunner. So, now I edit the output file instead and import the JSON file back into custom folder after editing.

But i think editing the database using PHPMyAdmin has no effect that triggers what you described, just sync the database after you make changes to the DB, as what i always do.

I also notice, when i add some new fields, the page will auto generate some default elements i removed, eg. profile/login menu, So i normally duplicate the page that i am satisfied as a backup page, and copy back to the default page, it works well for me. This could be what you experienced as not saving the changes.

The locking feature quoted by @HJB is for editing of html codes using the legacy editor tool (the old method we used to edit the page) which is now replaced by Page Designer since ver 10, it does not address your question about locking your page designed and it is also not advisable to edit your page directly using the Editor. Reason below:

Editor vs Page Designer:

if you use editor to edit page, subsequently if you add one new field in DB, it will not show up in the page, to make it show, you may have to reset the page, which brings it to original state, all your hardwork of modification will be lost. The locking function for Editor is to prevent user accidental reset and to continue to support project generated from previous versions.

If you use Page Designer, you will not have this issue. it addresses the editor's above shortfall to name one advantage.

CecilP author 8/2/2021

Thanks Acpan. You nailed it. I didnt realise how the refreshes worked.

HJB I'm just being lazy. I set mysql permissions low low low and do my alpha and beta testing while designing. I ahve a terrible memory so need to start to finish a section in one sitting or I ahve to start all over. Even writing tons of comments only sometimes helps. My code is extreemly literal to try and trigger my memory on what I was trying to do.