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Read QR code to Fields by using QR code Scanner phprunner 10.5 build 36929 x64

7/26/2021 9:16:06 AM
PHPRunner General questions
Abhijeet author

Hello Team,

I have a combination of fields for which QR code is to be generated, Generating QR code is not an issue for me, I can do the same, My scenario is that when I print the QR code on card, then when I scan the QR code by scanner, the fields should get populated in table (maybe add table) and the record should get saved.

How do I achieve this, please help me.

HJB 7/26/2021

Scan QR-codes with PHP - How to make it Happen - Youtube Video

Suggest that you should get in touch with the Youtube Video creator to let your wished scenario to happen under PHP.

Abhijeet author 7/26/2021


I have gone through the video and it is for PHP QR decoding. It is a advanced way to make php decode the image.

I beleive the qr code scanners are able to decode the QR scan to a code, I need to capture that text which has been decoded by the scanner and take it from clipboard (maybe) and insert in the fields. So maybe I need a way to capture the text from clipboard which is normally in csv format and place into the fields.

Am I thinking in the right way ?

Hope this helps.

HJB 7/26/2021

Barcode Plugin - PHPRunner

Am not sure whether or not the BARCODE PLUGIN as per URL content above can be modified to
handle QR-Codes as well. From the technical point of view, e.g. a wireless Bluetooth QR-Code Scanner
does the same like a Barcode Scanner, here to simply readout the code and to translate same into text.

From previous views to Barcode Scan related issues I learned that it is vital that the scan unit is supporting
a CARRIAGE RETURN, say, once the scanned text appears within the field, the user wants to have it saved
(added) automatically or maybe wants to have a searach action to be launched.

So, using things this way, in my opinion the workaround via the clipboard would become obsolete.

P.S. In junction with "Using a webcam for QR code decoding ..." via Java Script, I stumbled about the following:

Java Script Code when using a WebCam for QR-code decoding

Further I found a FREEWARE to work under Windows 10 to use FILE, CLIPBOARD, WEBCAM or SCREEN:

QR Code Desktop Reader under Windows 10 - Freeware - Download

salus2 7/27/2021

If you can generate the QRCode that is being read then you could embed a URL that most mobile phones could read and run to POST data to a PHP script that could insert data into the database.

If you can only read the QRCode you'd need to pass whatever usefull information you can read as text to a PHP script that could parse the contents and then POST data to a PHP script that could insert data into the database.