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Accessing Sharepoint lists from AspRunner.NET

7/21/2021 10:25:13 AM
ASPRunner.NET General questions
plunkchr author

Has anyone found a way to Access/open Microsoft / Sharepoint lists from AspRunner.NET ?
I tried a URL connector string but did not work. e.g. URL=http://sharepointServerName/;User=myUsername;Password=myPassword;SharePoint Edition=SharePoint Online;

admin 7/21/2021

You can see a few SharePoint connection string examples here.

It will probably help if you tell us what exactly is happening when you are trying to connect.

plunkchr author 7/21/2021

many thanks for the very quick reply.
I had already tried the sharepoint connector strings that you also sent the link to.
Am getting the following error when I enter a string. (see image)

I tested and can connect to sharepoint list from Microsoft Access using same credentials and sharepoint site link. Possibly I am missing something from the string?

img alt

admin 7/22/2021

Make sure you have installed CData ODBC driver for Sharepoint and specified the connection string this way:

plunkchr author 7/26/2021

Thanks for feedback and confirming requirments, i.e. one needs to purchase an ODBC driver to use with asprunner to connect to sharepoint lists.

admin 8/2/2021

I think you can also try accessing Sharepoint lists via their REST API.

plunkchr author 8/9/2021

Many thanks for feedback and API info.

Maybe might be a suggestion for future versions of asprunner to possibly look at having sharepoint LISTS connector, especially as a lot of companies are moving to cloud based file storage including use ofsharepoint lists as basic data tables.
Thanks again. :-)