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Repeatable text fields in PHPrunner

7/21/2021 6:55:45 AM
PHPRunner General questions
bvleer author


Is it possible to have repeatable text fields in PHP runner. When I define a field as a lookup field I can configure the field to have multiple values, but a plain text field doesn't seem to have that option?

Can this be done? If so, can it also be done to have a repeatable section of fields? For example: Adres, Adres startdate, Adres enddate. These 3 fields should be repeated together then x times.

Thanks in advance for thinking along with me :-)

admin 7/21/2021

The main question is how and where are you going to save those additional values?

In case of a multi-select control you save all the data in the same field so this is not a problem. If you add another set of Adres, Adres startdate, Adres enddate fields, where are you going to save them?

bvleer author 7/21/2021

Thanks admin.

Let's start with the first question: how do I make / configure a text field where I can enter multiple values?

admin 7/21/2021

This question doesn't make any sense to me. What is the text field with multiple values?

bvleer author 7/21/2021

I want 1 text field in the database, for instance 'name', and be able to enter x occurences of name in my php application, exactly like I can when I configure the field as a lookup field (edit as->lookup wizard->dropdown box. One of the options here is 'allow multiple selection'). So all the occurences will be stored in the field name in the database, as a json string or seperated with comma's, I don't care.

So I want to be able to enter 'Johnson', 'Stevens', 'McLaren' and so on in the name field, which will then be stored as seperated values in the name field. Offcourse I don't want the user to enter it like 'Johnson, Stevens, McLaren'). After I have entered the first name, the textbox should appear again to enter the second, and so on.

AlphaBase 7/21/2021

I think you have to do that programmatically. Use a dialog. Dynamically concatenate the field vales with the user entered ones.

acpan 7/21/2021

Cant really fully understand what you want, but without reading too much, It seems you want this:

img alt

In the DB field, the chosen values will be stored as one CSV string in one field.. Eg, Honda,Jagua,Toyota

Above from the manual at

Your question: Let's start with the first question: how do I make / configure a text field where I can enter multiple values?


Pick one text/char field, and set it like the picture below with allow mutiple selections turned on:

img alt

In short, it is a PHPR default feature, try it maybe that's what you need. Read the manual from the above link for more info.

Otherwise, if the above is not what you want, then maybe you are talking about Edit Tag, check this Edit Tag plugin here Scroll down and click the demo then add something in the tag field.

bvleer author 7/22/2021

Acpan, the Edit Tag does exactly what I need, entering multiple values, but not from a lookup table. But the plugin doesn't seem to be available anymore? I do see a TagEditor plugin on the Xlinesoft marketplace, but the demo link doesn't seem to work.

acpan 7/22/2021

Gald it helps, tho we struggle with what you meant :)

The plugin is provided by our very respected forum member and contributor, Fernando, who will be most willing to help, you can easily contact him via his website email or go to tips forum here to locate him. But i believe all the plugins are availabele for download there, you just need to read more carefully, as it is in spannish.

aadham 7/25/2021

Edit Tag Demo

bvleer author 7/29/2021

Edit Tag works perfectly, it fits my needs. but: I cannot format the text field as a date field. So I cannot use the calendar functionality, Edit Tag only works as a plain text field. Any solutions for this one?