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Google Recaptcha Enterprise

7/18/2021 6:43:57 PM
PHPRunner General questions
CecilP author


How would I intergrate the new Enterprise version of Google recapture into the signup and login pages?

The old google v3 recapture doesnt work for me.


HJB 7/27/2021

reCAPTCHA on authentication pages

Google authentication on login

If the above cannot work at your end for some reasons, please give a simple solution to stem
BOT activities as per screenshot below some logical thoughts of what is really your need.

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CecilP author 7/29/2021

Google currently has 3 versions of Captcha. Phprunner uses version 2, but the link on the Phprunner site, Google has redirected to their new corporate enterprise Captcha which is incompatible with Phprunner.

After a lot of research I found version 3 of Captcha which also doesnt work. And it worked when I tried version 2. Google tries really hard to redirect all Captcha queries to their new enterprise version.

I've resolved this with Captcha2 codes